Scope of Work


Scope of Work

(A) Daily Cleaning :
 Entire Floor of is to be swept and mopped with soap solutions & disinfectant.
 All the verandas to be swept and mopped.
 Lawns and parking area to be swept.
 Tables and chairs to be dusted.
 All furniture and fixtures and telephone to be dusted.
 Toilet, Urinals, Wash Basins to be cleaned, disinfected and air freshened during the whole day as
 when required.
 Executive toilets will be provided with hand Towels, Toilets Rolls and Hand Wash liquid Soap.
 Dustbins to be emptied.
 All office equipments including computers, copies fax machines, printers etc. to be dusted.
 Pantry floors to be moped and cleaned.
 Entire open space will be kept clean by picking paper-bids by partial sweeping, whenever necessary.
 All Work Stations to be dusted. Cleaning of front door and reception area.

(B) Weekly Cleaning :
 All glass windowpanes be cleaned with Colin.
 Ceiling fans, A.C duct, window grills to be cleaned.
 Venetian blinds/ curtain to be dusted.
 Polishing of silver and brass items.
 Removal of cobwebs.
 Scrubbing of rooms, bathrooms, toilets and adjacent area with clenzo and chemicals.
 Carpet to be vacuumed (if any).
 Brshing and cleaning carpets and chairs.
 Washing of outside area.

(C) Cleaning Material And Machinery :
 We provide quality material and our personnel are trained to use the material as per requirement
 without any side effect on surface.
 We use Hi-Tech cleaning equipment and machinery i.e. Industrial Scrubbing, Polishing
 Machine i.e. Industrial Cleaners, High Pressure Machine for outside area.

(D) Our Personnel :
We shall depute trained, well mannered and integrated people at the site. They shall be in full uniform provided by us with our logo and having I-Card displayed. Our personnel are trained due to our intensive in-house training system makes them fully equipped on the site.

(E) Our Systems :
Our personnel will strictly follow the management instructions and they will carry out duties as per their instructions and directions only. They will always keep the management well informed of day to day working through prescribed checklist. They would immediately report without any fail of any unfavorable happening of any kind.

(F) Daily Report & Feed Back : Daily report and feedback is a powerful tool for improving services and maintaining the required standard of the services committed to the client. We have different feedback reports and checklists which is a measure of improvements and maintenance parameter of the services.